About us

Indigenous Employment Partners are proudly determined to address the high-level of poverty and hardship that exists for Indigenous Australians

We bring together close to 50 years’ experience servicing Aboriginal communities and building capacity aimed at fostering inclusive workplaces and increasing employment and training opportunities for Indigenous job seekers.

Research has shown the type of culturally safe employment packages we offer will reduce Indigenous disadvantage in a range of areas including health, mental health, family violence, imprisonment and suicide; not only for the person gaining employment but also for their family and community.

We address the issues associated with Indigenous poverty and social exclusion by offering employers a fully supported end-to-end recruitment service packaged and designed to support both the employer and their Indigenous employee. This ensures the employee stays in the job and the employers Indigenous and Non-Indigenous staff feel safe and supported.

IEP Directors :  Sara Stuart, Nicole Findlay & Dennis Batty

Our business is important because…

Employment and poverty gaps between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians continue to widen with 49% of our fellow Indigenous Australians living below the poverty line, with 64% of these living in absolute poverty.

Labour market participation remains increasingly unequal at 55% for Indigenous Australians compared to 93% for Non-Indigenous Australians.

Annual Report 2017 – 2018

IEP Impact Report 2019-2020