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Indigenous Employment Partners are excited to announce that we are launching a Board Observership Program as part of our Women in Leadership agenda. This program is designed to offer large corporations the opportunity to invite senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women working in professional roles to observe the workings of an ASX200 board, supported by Indigenous Employment Partners.

This program harnesses the strong desire from senior professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander women to develop their leadership and governance skills, to build networks and support organisations to become more diverse at senior management level and help us create a more inclusive corporate Australian landscape.

Together we have the opportunity to not only help strengthen the governance and management of participating organisations, but also provide opportunities f 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women to develop their leadership capabilities.

At the end of the program each participant will be required to write a report detailing their experience and any issues that they may have experienced which might be considered barriers to Aboriginal women taking leadership roles as well as recommendations for how these issues might be overcome.

Those partaking in the Observership program will be provided the opportunity to attend monthly board meetings (over a 12 month period) as an observer only, with the guidance of a mentor from both Indigenous Employment Partners and the chosen company. Where Board Observership is not an available option, participants will be offered an opportunity to shadow an executive manager within the organisation.

Last night saw the launch of the Dominance Security REFLECT Reconciliation Action Plan which was attended by many high profiled Aboriginal sports people and community representatives. The Dominance REFLECT RAP primarily aims to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment in the security industry but is also strongly geared towards promoting economic prosperity and social diversity and inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples more broadly.


As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only represent 1.5% of the total security industry workforce, Dominance has committed to increasing its Aboriginal workforce to 4% of all its staff. To achieve this, Dominance is working with Indigenous Employment Partners (IEP), who will work collaboratively to develop employment strategies to strengthen equity and inclusion in the security workplace.


As a part of it’s commitment Dominance, commissioned Kiewa Austin-Rioli, a proud Gunditjmara and Tiwi Islander Artist, to produce the RAP artwork with Currency Print and Corporate Communications (CPCC), an Indigenous owned and operated print and design business producing the RAP brochures.



The Stafford Brothers Scholarship has been set up to introduce young indigenous people into the security industry and assist them by not only putting them through the Certificate II in Security Operations but also being there for them throughout the licensing process with a view to guaranteed employment with Dominance once they receive their licence. The Stafford Brothers Scholarship was presented by Peter Johnson Australian Security Industry Association Limited and Michelle Flynn, Great Niece of the Stafford Brothers. This year’s recipient is: Charles Steele.


The Anthony Egan Scholarship has been set up to introduce indigenous people who have been working within the security industry to the management side of security by putting them through their Certificate IV in Security Management, but also offering assistance and advice, along with partnership opportunities for those wishing to launch their own security organisations. This year, The Anthony Egan Scholarship was presented by Peter Johnson of Australian Security Industry Association Limited. This year’s recipient is: Tyrah Kickett

Calling all community organisations and groups! You can now apply for Annual Community Strengthening Grants of up to $10,000 to help you deliver new projects and initiatives that aim to strengthen the Boroondara community. Follow our step-by-step guide to complete your application and learn more at:

Applications close at 11.59pm on Sunday 30 May 2021.

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We are committed to providing all community organisations and groups the tools required to give your grant application the best chance at success. Visit to get in contact with a Council officer and discuss your project idea, register to attend a grant writing workshop, and more.

Liz OLoughlin
Social Inclusion Policy and Project Officer

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Printing With Purpose

Corporate partners Currency Print and Corporate Communications (CPCC) and Indigenous Employment Partners (IEP), are proud to announce the  establishment of a new printing management and manufacturing firm,  Printing With Purpose.

As a growing Aboriginal enterprise, our collective objective is to build a strong workforce to develop new skills, harness goodwill and build a multimedia company owned and run by First Nations peoples of Australia.

Printing with Purpose is a not for profit, 100% Aboriginal Social enterprise, whose staff have over 30 years combined experience offering printing services for a wide range of print, design and communication media.

Our business model creates a wide range of employment and training pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, while still offering customers effective high-quality print mail and communications services.

We are committed to work hand in hand with IEP, whose mission is to provide mentoring, training, recruitment and employment services, to redress the high levels of socio-economic disadvantage suffered by so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Printing With Purpose is a certified social enterprise (Social Trader), accredited Supply Nation member and a member of the Kinaway Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce.

Further information:
Sara Stuart
Currency Print & Corporate Communications
p: +61 484 848 401


ST Certification logo Kinaway Logo Social Traders certification logo

Indigenous Employment Partners (IEP) and its sister printing and design business, Currency Print and Corporate Communications (CPCC) are proud to announce the appointment of Sara Stuart  taking up the CEO role with our enterprises.

Both IEP and CPCC already share many things in common. We are both growing Aboriginal social enterprises with a strong commitment to tackling Aboriginal disadvantage and building capacity through employment. Now we have a fearless female leader,  who is determined to support our social mission.

Sara is a Kamilaroi woman, a mother of four and a staunch supporter of empowering young Aboriginal women to pursue their goals, despite the adversity and challenges they face. Sara has successfully run her own health and fitness businesses, worked extensively in the recruitment sector, and supported several Aboriginal employment programs, including the federal government’s Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) program.

In taking on the CEO role at CPCC, Sara says, “I want to create real long-term employment for our people, and I want to show corporate Australia that print manufacturing belongs here in Australia. By providing Aboriginal employment and management in printing, marketing and communications services  through unique design and merchandise on a national scale I believe we can showcase how much talent, ability and professionalism our people have in these areas ”.

Board members, Directors and staff at IEP and CPCC have positively embraced the news of Sara’s appointment and believe her valuable leadership skills and passion for creating positive change will lead to many more Aboriginal people gaining and retaining meaningful employment.

Indigenous Employment Partners is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 65 620 718 005.
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