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Board Observership Program: Expression of Interest

Indigenous Employment Partners are excited to announce that we are launching a Board Observership Program as part of our Women in Leadership agenda. This program is designed to offer large corporations the opportunity to invite senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women working in professional roles to observe the workings of an ASX200 board, supported by Indigenous Employment Partners.

This program harnesses the strong desire from senior professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander women to develop their leadership and governance skills, to build networks and support organisations to become more diverse at senior management level and help us create a more inclusive corporate Australian landscape.

Together we have the opportunity to not only help strengthen the governance and management of participating organisations, but also provide opportunities f 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women to develop their leadership capabilities.

At the end of the program each participant will be required to write a report detailing their experience and any issues that they may have experienced which might be considered barriers to Aboriginal women taking leadership roles as well as recommendations for how these issues might be overcome.

Those partaking in the Observership program will be provided the opportunity to attend monthly board meetings (over a 12 month period) as an observer only, with the guidance of a mentor from both Indigenous Employment Partners and the chosen company. Where Board Observership is not an available option, participants will be offered an opportunity to shadow an executive manager within the organisation.

Indigenous Employment Partners is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 65 620 718 005.
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