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We deliver targeted employment programs that provide enhanced support and mentoring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to support them into sustainable employment.



Power to Work provides reformed Indigenous offenders a culturally safe and supported entry into the Victorian workforce via a 26-week re-integration and employment program.

Program Summary

The program supports people who:

  • have successfully completed an Indigenous pre-release program at one of five Victorian prisons and have demonstrated that they are ready and that this will complement their upcoming parole period;

  • are direct release (no parole period) and have competed a pre-release program;

  • are within 2 years post-release and unable to find work during this period.

The initial 26 weeks consists of 13 weeks of intense training and re-integration support, followed by 13 weeks of gradually reduced support with a mentor and supervisor. After the initial 26 weeks the participant is re-assessed and may remain in the program or, may be placed with another employer in a role which best suits their aspirations and skills.
Program participants complete the 26-week program developing skill-sets they did not have upon release. Participants are then supported with a mentor in their post program workplace for a further 26 weeks. Support throughout the life of the program includes housing, money management and reconnection to family and community.
For more information about this program please contact Nina or 0456 768 772
In the language of the Wurundjeri people Bundap Marram Durn-Durn means good mind and body. This is what we are trying to help all working Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women achieve and maintain.


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In the language of the Wurundjeri people Bundap Marram Durn-Durn means good mind and body. This is what we are trying to help all working Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women achieve and maintain. This includes; career pathways, social emotional and physical well-being, dealing with grief, loss and trauma, developing and managing a household budget, developing support networks, managing family and community expectations and commitments and maintaining a work/life balance.

The program is designed, managed and staffed by Aboriginal women. Programs are available to participants, their children and partners in order to ensure that family relationships are maintained and enhanced, gender roles and stereotypes are overcome and family violence is minimised. The support program is confidential.

For many Aboriginal families with no history of family employment, maintaining this balance and staying in a job feels like it is an impossible task.

Bundap Marram Durn-Durn supports Aboriginal women:

  • in the workforce;

  • who are the primary carers of their family members and who want

    to enter the workforce for the first time;

  • returning to the workforce after starting a family;

  • starting up their own business

We will help you:

  • to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • to manage your physical and emotional well-being;
  • balance family and work commitments;
  • remain safe and supported at home and in the community;
  • manage a household budget; and
  • make sure your children are safe and cared for while you are at work.

We understand that maintaining culture is essential to staying in a job and we will support your workplace to implement and maintain culturally safe practices.

Practices that include actions which recognise and respect your cultural identity and safely meet your needs, while at the same time not diminishing your own culture.

Participants in this program will also be able to access our ‘Aboriginal Employee Assistance Program’ free of charge to your employer.


Jobs Victoria supports people looking for work and connects employers with the staff they need.

Indigenous Employment Partners are proud to partner with Jobs Victoria to deliver Jobs Victoria services. We have a team of specialist staff and support services that can provide advice, help update your skills, and support you into a job that suits you. Jobs Victoria supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers and employers in their local communities through face-to-face, online, and phone-based services.
Jobs Victoria Employment Services: Jobs Victoria Employment Services is a voluntary program to help jobseekers find work by assisting with skills development, training, individual coaching and making the right connections with employers. Jobs Victoria Mentors help people to become work-ready and find a job that suits them, they also connect employers with local candidates. This expanded service will provide personalised employment support to long-term unemployed jobseekers and jobseekers at risk of long-term unemployment. Indigenous Employment Partners have the specialist contract for the Eastern and Southern Metropolitan regions to deliver a tailored support program to Indigenous participants.
Jobs Victoria Advocate: Our Jobs Victoria Advocates support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians who are looking for work in local communities by connecting them with the information, support, and training that’s right for them. Indigenous Employment Partners Jobs Victoria Advocates operate within the Southern Metropolitan region.

For more information regarding Jobs Victoria services, please contact our team
This program is supported by Jobs Victoria. Jobs Victoria supports people looking for work and connects employers with the staff they need -in person, online, and on the phone. Learn more at


In 2019 Indigenous Employment Partners, acquired Printing With Purpose to create an innovative multimedia and print enterprise. Based in Melbourne, Printing With Purpose provides an extensive range of print and creative solutions nationally. By working with Indigenous Employment Partners and Printing With Purpose, you are helping us to tackle inequity issues and improve socio-economic participation and or Australia’s First Nations peoples.


Barmal Bijiril evolved from Koondee Woonga-gat Toor-rong, which is a First Nations Community-Led philanthropic sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. It was established in 2018 with the aim of dispersing funds to First Nations peoples and communities across Victoria. The name Barmal Bijiril is language derived from Kuku Yulangi country in Far North Queensland and translates roughly to “To take someone to dream”.
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